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MiBit is a leading provider of innovative and secure bitcoin mining solutions. Our mission is to make bitcoin mining accessible and profitable for everyone, regardless of experience or technical know-how.
With our state-of-the-art mining infrastructure and expert team of professionals, we provide our clients with reliable and efficient mining services, allowing them to earn more bitcoins and achieve their financial goals.

Why MiBit?

We prioritize security, and all of our mining operations are carried out with the highest level of encryption and protection. And, with our focus on sustainability and renewable energy, we are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting the growth of clean energy.
Join us at MiBit, and let us help you become a part of the bitcoin revolution. Start mining with us today!

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Jadi, apa dan bagaimana BITCOIN itu?


Bitcoin merupakan sebuah mata uang digital yang didistribusikan secara elektronik dan tidak dikeluarkan atau dikendalikan oleh pemerintah mana pun. Aset digital “mewah” ini diciptakan oleh seseorang atau sekelompok misterius yang dikenal sebagai “Satoshi Nakamoto.”

Bitcoin, dijalankan oleh jaringan komputer di seluruh dunia untuk membentuk jaringan keuangan terdesentralisasi, dan dapat digunakan untuk menyimpan nilai dan dapat dikirim ke siapa saja, di mana saja, kapan saja. Karena perangkat lunak Bitcoin adalah sumber terbuka (open-source), siapa pun di dunia dapat menjalankan server Bitcoin dan berpartisipasi dalam jaringan.

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Bitcoin is expensive and limited.

This valuable asset is only available for 21 coins. From 2009 until now, there have been as many as 19 million BTC mined.

The price of Bitcoin is very volatile, having decreased to IDR 240,000,000 per coin in 2022, and now the price of BTC has bounced back to IDR 345,000,000 per coin with the largest sales volume on the crypto market according to CoinMarketCap.

Therefore, it is said, that bitcoin is an expensive and limited asset. Because the more limited, the more valuable, right?

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125.000.000 IDR

BEP 26 Months

Estimated Monthly Income =
12.000.000 IDR

Monthly Expenses =
7.200.000 IDR

Total Nett Income =
4.800.000 IDR


250.000.000 IDR

BEP 26 Months

Estimated Monthly Income =
24.000.000 IDR

Monthly Expenses =
14.400.000 IDR

Total Nett Income =
9.600.000 IDR


500.000.000 IDR

BEP -+2 Years

Estimated Monthly Income =
48.000.000 IDR

Monthly Expenses =
28.800.000 IDR

Total Nett Income =
19.200.000 IDR

Aggressive IDR

BEP -+2 Years

Estimated Monthly Income =
96.000.000 IDR

Monthly Expenses =
57.600.000 IDR

Total Nett Income =
38.400.000 IDR

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