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Vision & Mission

Vission :
• Become the Biggest, Trusted and Tough Crypto company.

Mission :
• Providing quality Crypto products at competitive prices and benefits to ensure customer satisfaction and foster good relationships with sustainable partners.
• Building and Forming As Many Crypto Communities and Ecosystems in Indonesia as Possible that can support the main business.
• Providing optimal benefits to parties with an interest in Good Corporate Governance practices and paying attention to the principle of sustainable honesty.
• Increase the productivity, agility and quality of human resources through training and competency development.


This company started its history in 2008 under the name CV.Arecsa Global As a company doing business in the field of Computer Distribution and Marketing.

In 2020, the company's name was changed to PT.Comodo Matic Decentralized, and the Mibit brand was launched, focusing on Bitcoin Mining Industrial & Investment Solutions.

Mibit is a solution for those who want to learn about or start building a professional bitcoin mining business, Mibit is committed to opening the door to safe and comfortable bitcoin mining without many problems. Mibit's services include consulting, management, and supply, as well as support and service, making them extremely beneficial to both novice and experienced miners.

Together with other stakeholders, our critical mission is to advance the Indonesian crypto community in this digital economy era to become the support for the world's largest and leading bitcoin industry.Therefore, Mibit actively conducts training, approaches to schools and campuses, and online education. Because Mibit believes that education is the key to our progress together

MiBit - Solutions for Bitcoin Mining.